Testimonials can be unspoken in words or print. In many of these cases these clients' invaluable testimonials is returning for repeat bookings, and most important of all, referring friends and family.

I value the trust that my clients place in me and the friendships that have developed over the many years. I recognize that for many, booking hotels, flights, etc. online directly themselves can be easier options but that these clients chose to support small agencies where between the initial contact and the completion of the trip, we spend time fitting the many pieces of the puzzle for the right one.

 I am also grateful to clients who have taken the time and effort to write in reviews voluntarily in various social media platforms. If you wish to read them online, here is the link.

Social Media reviews.

I am also grateful to clients who have taken the time and effort to write in reviews voluntarily in various social media platforms. If you wish to read them online, here is some Yelp Reviews

Here below are some reviews sent in by clients after completion of their trips.

L.Shelleda and W.Fulton, Japan October 2017


Dear Sue & Daniel,

Home, and almost organized. We want to thank you both for all your efforts on our behalf, and for arranging such a remarkable trip. 


Especially Memorable:

Experiencing a typhoon at our favorite place -Saizen-in monastery on Koyasan ** Hiking to Karuma-dera temple and a night at the onsen ** Seeing the Masterpieces of Japan exhibit with what appeared to be thousands of enrapt and orderly Japanese ** In tears at the Museum of the Atomic Bombing in Hiroshima then ascending to the heaven of the Peace Park ** Okonomiyaki two nights in a row in a small, friendly restaurant in Hiroshima ** A day without rain at Miyajima ** Arriving at Ryoan-ji early enough to be almost alone with the rock garden ** Kiseki dinner at Benesse House ** The architecture of Tadao Ando ** Getting a chestnut cookie every day in Kyoto at the cornerstore ** Shabu-shabu in pantomine ** The incredible courtesy and helpfulness of everyone we encountered.

Arigato Gozaimashita, Thank you so much for all you did.

 Leah & Bill

David Pope and Family, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, January 2017

Overall Sue,  this was the trip of a lifetime for me and I know the others felt the same!    It was the best possible combination of structure for us in an area that we really knew little about,  while avoiding that herd mentality that I associate with a group tour.   Again,  thanks for all your help - we would not hesitate to use you again - maybe Burma and Indonesia ! Your intimate knowledge of the area and your connections were invaluable.


Corey Fong, Vietnam and Cambodia, November 2013

All the ground arrangements ran very smoothly and without any trouble at all.  In Vietnam Tung (North) did an excellent job (we developed an excellent rapport … almost like a son, we had such a good time, both ways). Tien (Central) was very knowledgeable and professional (although we would like to have had more time in Hue, where Tien seemed to have a special love). In Cambodia… Bun, as noted above, took very good care of us. Rum, our driver, knew some English, and was the most personable driver we've had in all of our trips.  Having a private guided tour is a very nice luxury!

As always, Sue, your arrangements, guidance and support were (are) outstanding. I am happy to be a reference to any of your future clients. I especially liked how you were able to take our minimal inputs and fashion a great itinerary.

Yee-Ngim Family, China, August 2013 

Our first family trip to China was wonderful and exceeded expectations in many respects. One of which is the outstanding job that our travel agent, Sue Lai at Avia Travel did in crafting and coordinating the segments of our trip from Beijing to Shanghai. Her contacts in China did an excellent job and delivered in every sense of the word. We had English-speaking guides in several cities and they were all knowledgeable, helpful and attentive. We enjoyed the itinerary that Sue planned out for us.

We want to especially mention one very unique and special experience that we will soon not forget. It took place at the Shaolin Temple, in Deng Feng City, Henan Province. Upon the idea to surprise my son, his friend and my husband with a martial arts lesson at the famed Shaolin Temple, ‘birthplace of Zen and Buddhism,’ Sue made it happen! We stayed in a hotel within walking distance of the training school and essentially had private lessons with 2 kung fu masters. Even though the instructors were native mandarin speakers, they knew enough English to communicate sufficiently with our very American teens! Our friendly, humorous and helpful tour guide Celina was also great in helping translate whenever necessary. On the training grounds, we witnessed huge numbers of Chinese youths practicing their kung fu crafts. For over 5 hours in an indoor open air facility, our boys were taught various drills, forms, combative moves, boxing, wrestling and defensive tactics. Their shirts were drenched with sweat in the already hot and humid weather---but this didn’t stop them from being challenged, inspired and motivated to continue on. They even said that they wished they could go back the next day for more lessons, but we had to catch a plane to Shanghai. We felt that the instructors gave us personalized attention and a special bond was forged that day. In addition, if you make the trek to the Temple area, do not miss the Shaolin Night Performance—it is a truly AMAZING show that you will be glad you experienced.


We will not hesitate to use Avia Travel again.
Thank you, Sue.

S&B Fort, B. Kashner, S. Wermcrantz, Vietnam Feb 2014


Great travel with you...authentic contact with people, efficient itinerary, understanding of our taste in hotels, centrally located hotels, reliable guides.

Pamela Z. and Andrew J., Cambodia and Thailand, December 2013

(visiting temples at Angkor and South Cardamom Mountains Protected Reserve, Cambodia)

Bang Mealea was a highlight for us. Away from the normal tourist areas, and this temple has had no reconstruction. In good shape, and climbing over the fallen towers and seeing the trees overtaking it all is beautiful.

Rainbow Lodge - The huts were moderate and nice. All solar powered, cold showers, flushing toilets, and good clean water. Plenty of activity options. It was pouring rain one day, which was quite beautiful to watch from our hut patio sipping mojitos and relaxing in the hammock. The river there is a mix of fresh water and salt water and great to swim in. The lodge has floating tubes, kayaks, and a nice jetty you can dive off into the river. A short nature trail is there with signage of various plants and a bat cave.


Amazing experience and fantastic memories! Cambodia was fun adventure, Thailand on the other hand, we’re already plotting when we can go back.