Laos is a destination less traveled compared to her neighbors of Thailand, China, Vietnam, and Cambodia. The mighty Mekong River carves it way through mountains of the North, offering spectacular scenery, limestone karsts and caves, and meandering all the way to the Si Phan Don, (Four Thousand Islands) and on to Cambodia.


Many visitors on a journey through South East Asia tend to visit only Luang Prabang, the charming UNESCO World Heritage site. Laos offers just than Luang Prabang though. Slow boat journeys on the Mekong as well as overland trips will reveal Laos with an intact culture, amazing scenery, a 2nd UNESCO World Heritage site at Wat Phu which predates temples at Angkor and more.

The itineraries listed here are only samples of the many possibilities. Please contact us for more information as locating the program exactly right for you is our goal.

Our Favorite Itineraries

Luang Prabang overland to Chiang Rai

Laos in Depth