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Japan is a land of contrast. Ancient traditional temples and peaceful gardens are found in major metropolitan areas cramped with bright lights, high rises, and the latest technology with all the associated bangs and whistles. This is a landscape of majestic mountains, volcanoes, and ocean. Thousands of visitors travel to Japan for the Cherry Blossoms and the Fall colors. Many more are drawn by the arts, culture, history and traditions.


Japan’s public transportation system is par excellence, making it possible to reach even the most remote corner. However navigating Japan for an inexperienced traveler can be challenging. As such we are excited to work with our trusted operators who can set a hybrid program for you which includes:

  • Designing a custom itinerary.

  • Setting up a package with detailed information on transportation from place to place (trains, taxis, ferries or hike), in some cases train tickets, and detailed hiking maps for hiking programs. This package can be picked up by you in Kyoto, or sent to your hotel directly.

  •  Using small family owned ryokans or minshukus (family owned bed and breakfasts).

  • Phone support while in Japan

  • You are on your own to explore each destination at your own pace.


For those who prefer to travel with others, we work with programs that offer small groups departures as we feel destinations off the beaten track are best if we tread lightly.