Destinations listed below are familiar and beloved. They are home, families, and friends. We forge strong working relationships with our local travel trade partners in each destination.

We work hard to serve our diverse group of clients as each have different needs. These itineraries listed are only a fraction of what we do offer. Customized itineraries are often curated specifically with clients’ profiles in mind. Customized itineraries ranging from parties of 2 or for a special group offer greatest flexibility in terms of schedules, budgets, and special needs.

There are also clients who enjoy traveling with others whom they may not know. It may be for a specific program that is of interest or a destination with special activities, (e.g., a hiking group). We diligently screen through the many possibilities so that we can book our clients on a program that is the best fit.

These sample itineraries below feature a single country in each itinerary. Frequently most itineraries will combine 2-3 countries for those on a limited time schedule.

A travel vacation is a big investment in dreams, expectations, possibilities, money and most important of all, time. Working with professional trip planners ensure that this special time in your life is truly memorable. In our case, we are Asia Travel Specialists, we know many parts of Asia personally.


Summit Mt. Kota Kinabalu which tops 13,435 feet.

Rainforest,  biodiversity of flora, fauna, wildlife.

Divers' dream destination.

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3500 years of written history.

Architectural wonders.

Magnificent Landscapes.

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Fabled temples of Angkor Wat and others.

One of best bird watching in Asia.

Beach destinations of Sihanoukville and Kep.

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Land of mountains and Forest.

Ancient Temples coexist with latest technology.

Art and tradition everywhere and every day.

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Hidden Gem of Asia.

Mighty Mekong River runs through Laos spectacular mountains and plains.

Luang Prabang with fusion of Lao and European architecture.

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Pristine Island Getaways.

Highlands and Elephant Sanctuaries.

World class cuisine.

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Jaw dropping scenery.

Spectacular and abundant coastline.

Art Deco and irresistible food. 

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