Corporate Services





Nearly 50% of what we do is providing travel services for our frequent travelers who may be working independently or part of an organization and make multiple trips annually.

Most of our organizational clients focus on issues related to Livable Cities, Sustainable Public Transit and Urban Planning. These US based organizations have global outreach and offices. During a normal year on site visits for projects, or a gathering for small workshops or larger conventions do take place.


We also work with educational, youth based, as well as volunteer medical organizations. Various YMCAs normally run summer youth programs away from home. Alliance for Smiles for example sent teams of medical staff around the world for cleft palate repair.


Our services for all the above include:

  • Flight arrangements for travel within US or internationally.

  • Support event planning teams with logistics to match ground transport and accommodation requirements.

  • Keeping tight control over the travel budget as cost of flights is hardest to control.

In this very competitive segment of the travel industry we have been successful in retaining many of our Corporate clients on long term basis as we response promptly, diligently, and responsibly to each request.